Do we all possess unbreakable spirit?

The question of what makes the difference between those who have the drive and capacity to overcome circumstances less than favourable than those who are not able to connect to strength and power that breaks vicious non-serving cycles?

To embrace the idea that someone is more capable than another suggests a potential drive or spirit of determination, something unbreakable or at the very least the ability to bounce back from moments or experiences of broken will, drive and tenacity.

While this observation seems apparent, the divide seems palpable within the current human experience, the acknowledgement or acceptance of this feels uncomfortable. It has been said I possess the tenacious nature of an individual who possesses unbreakable spirit. While I do understand and perhaps even relate to this within my own experience, the feeling of being uncomfortable with the notion of this perceived reality still remains.

The reason for this is due to the fact that I see no difference between who is in the mirror to those that struggle and appear unable to bounce back from the density of a broken spirit. I do not consider Lloyd Roger Spencer to be special, certainly no more or less than any other human being.

This raises many questions because the unease and resistance felt could merely be a subtle expression of judgment on my part. Is it my own perception of what needs to be done or what serves the individual experience which causes a block? This block could be manifested by a resistance to accepting all paths, choices and current experiences being equally part of the journey of mankind.

Perhaps the current structure of society simply creates a construct where the true qualities of individuality are not able to be explored, appreciated or expressed? Within this the nature of supposed unbreakable spirit could simply be a characteristic of individuality that becomes clearly visible due to the nature of current circumstances. The gift and ability of those who appear to be broken in spirit may not be given the opportunity to shine other monumental qualities and gifts because we do not credit or look for these potential traits. We have no time and therefore no interest because of the perceived non serving nature of the characteristics being expressed.

Another question always present is when will this process of individual separation via a perceived serving path of individual growth cease to be relevant? In other words when will we be able to accept and express individuality with a collective acceptance of serving processes to the human experience? Such a process would enable the exploration of feeling and human potential with a common goal to love, accept and grow as an individual who is part of a collective no greater than any of its parts. Something of this nature is far from a utopian idea for it allows the diversity and freedom to explore what it is to be alive.

This questioning relates to a greater vision of reality and potential that cannot be fully explored here, the feeling of uncertainty and unease remains with the line of questioning. One main reason for this is the acknowledgment of how easy it is for us to forget the truth of the human experience. We are no different yet individual, an Individual expression of the same consciousness to grow and explore internal and external universes. With this no one human being is above, more conscious or enlightened than the one human being who appears to be asleep. The mirror is all around us but we easily forget and the fine line of individual elevation is crossed. I see this in my own experience, there are times when it could be all too easy to embody the thought process held by the elite and controllers of the world that they are better than the rest, more evolved and conscious and therefore able to make choices of global ramification.

About the author: The world is in a state of needless pain, this pain exists in us all. It is manifest through almost all we consider to be normal or part of everyday life. One aspiration would be to help others with this pain, however first before we can help anyone we must help and understand our own internal existence. From embarking on this process a natural direction is to help provide and contribute to a platform, organisation or movement that operates from a new paradigm. A paradigm that respects and supports all, not just the few.

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  • A very thought provoking post as always and also quite dense in content with many questions within the questions. With that in mind it may be serving of you to break down the question you are clearly asking or the one which calls out to you the most. A good question for you is, did you find the answer to your inquiry while writing this wonderful post. Often the answers we seek are in the questions we ask meaning the question is the answer when we look at it deeply.

    For me this is a post of perception and what the individual perceives. While I would agree with you that at our core every human being is similar and could achieve what any other could achieve. That is not the case once life experiences and challenges emerge. There is a saying you can achieve what you can perceive which really brings it down to the individuals perception of what they feel they can be, do or have. I have come across people with what most humans would call and judge as severe disabilities and they have surmounted all expectation due to their own perception of those perceived disabilities. They do not believe they have a disability. Also some people just don’t have the energy or capacity to survive the path of life.

    I do feel however that this is natural. We are nature not separate from it. Daily species are rising and passing away, daily cells within the body die and grow, this idea of everything rising and passing away shows that it is natural that some humans may live longer, last longer, achieve more or less etc due to the fact of the flow of life. Some in this time will embody the drive and capacity to overcome life circumstances some wont.

    So for me this question is a personal question of what as individuals do we wish to bring to these precious lives we have? It’s also about an inward journey of discovering whose thoughts and beliefs are you living. What actions and choices are you making on a moment to moment basis? More often than not we are trapped in realities which are not our own. We believe in what other people say without exploring our own minds and the uniqueness we could bring to our lives. We seek confirmation and recognition and want to know we are doing right. We put others on pedestals depending on our own expectations as to what we judge knowledgeable, successful, an authority, and expertise.

    Our current psychology doesn’t celebrate and acknowledge diversity and individualism. It’s hard to accept that which is not acceptable by the majority. For some reason the majority often means that something is right, good or known to work. On many occasions this would be correct but alongside this assumption it really doesn’t serve to follow the majority especially when humans are acting from fear, unconsciousness and protection. That’s why discernment is a powerful life tool.

    Your question when will people be able to accept individuality, comes down to the question when will you be able to? I have this notion that we see what we believe, how you look at something is pretty much how you will see it. So again it comes down to perception. Also if you take diversity, it means that the universe for whatever reason is showing us absolutely every single possibility of what could be imagined. Humans are trying to constantly work out what cannot seem to be worked out. If imagination and thought are manifesting in form then what we think and collectively believe becomes reality. This is a very interesting concept.

    It’s an interesting time in evolution. At present humans are collectively manifesting the opposite to most of what we have been taught and conditioned to believe. Up until now separation, competition, domination and greed have been major factors to our communication and the world has grown from this foundation. Human relations have felt very separate from the whole. Loneliness and separation has created a struggle for survival and fight to avoid disease and death. We are all driven mainly by money and sex. The constant striving for money creates separation and competition, so the idea of accepting peoples individuality isn’t first choice when competition is so rife. We want to mould ourselves into what we think works. Hence why our education systems are about making everybody the same and the professions we move towards are also very structured so they fit into a society that requires these services. This limits individualism or at least tries to mould it.

    As we as humans claim back the power of the collective and see that we are not separate from the whole then the idea of separation shall also dissolve. Let’s play with the idea that we are neither individual nor separate but in fact both simultaneously. We are one with all that is, all fragments which make up the whole.
    Maybe a new word is called for that honours acceptance, diversity and individuality.

    When you say we are and have the capacity to be an Individual expression of the same consciousness to grow and explore internal and external universes. With this no one human being is above, more conscious or enlightened than the one human being who appears to be asleep.

    On one level this is true but in order to explore different aspects of the universe, the more you awaken from your slumber the more impact you may have at accepting the concept that we are all one and not separate from all that is. For me the current society we are all functioning in is dominated by beings exploring the internal and external universes from a sleeping perspective. Of course that is just my perception and this in itself is a judgment based on own unfolding of exploring the universe.

    What about this for a ponder! There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything, all is happening exactly as it should and only can at this time in evolution. If there are any problems they stem from our own creation of psychology and the constant wanting to know what is happening rather than just being in the unknown. But like I always say I know nothing other than this. When I choose love and generosity my life and perception of reality grows, unites and blossoms like spring in bloom. When I choose fear, conforming and protection all that gets created is conflict, anger and separation.

    Thanks for the ponder. There is a lot more that could be explored and spoken of here. It’s layered and takes time and discipline to look at reality and to question our own existence.

    One love
    Simon on the Sofa

    • LRS

      This was the first piece of writing in the “Open Journal” section and much has come out of the questioning. As already written the exploration was uncomfortable and left/raised many questions! There will indeed be more to follow on this subject, no further exploration is present at this time as there is no answer that can be comfortably conveyed.

      Your reply is an excellent example of what this website is about, it is to have dialog, question and get us thinking about the subtlety of the everyday experience we have become desensitised to. You touch on many points and much more dialog could be ventured into, in fact the points we have both touched upon could be a detailed work of exploration and questioning into the current human experience and its potential. Perception is indeed a large part of this experience however is it all down to perception? While it indeed plays a role, the degree of its influence is yet to be determined.

      Much of what we have discussed here are by-products of the failing construct of society, change the environment and we change the rules we perceive to be part of reality. We create from a new place that we likely cannot even currently perceive.

      Thank you for your words, the value of dialog and questioning of this nature furthers the exploration of this thing we call life….

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