The Wake Up Pack – Perception Changing Documentaries

Documentaries can change the way you see the world…

Let it be clear no one here is proclaiming the following documentaries are 100% correct, undisputed fact or error free. The idea behind the Wake Up Pack is simple, its aim is to allow people to connect to a state of awareness which gives birth to a universal truth. This truth is that we, as a living organism having an experience on a planet called earth, need to awaken to the fact that we need to make changes if we want to create a better world.

So what is there to wake up to? Simply, the acknowledgement the world is far more mysterious, magnificent and wondrous than we have been conditioned to believe. We may be naive as a species, but we are also unquestionably naive within our individual experience and perception of the world we exist in. It remains a fact not every human being alive today holds the same state of awareness to the bigger picture of society and world events, for it has undoubtedly been compartmentalised to keep certain individuals in a state of non-awareness.

This is where documentaries come in, it is physically impossible within our current form to be in multiple places at one time, therefore documentaries can give us a window to what is happening in other parts of the globe. They can open our eyes to different perspectives, ways of thinking and the potential effects of our current habitual behaviour. Documentaries give us the tools to question not only the status quo but also the very fabric of our existence. Granted this may not be for everyone, because some of us don’t want to wake up to anything other than the comfort of our familiar surroundings.

There are those who seek truth and there are those who are happy to wear a comfortable blindfold inherited by the current social norm.

Which are you?

Where possible the full documentary has been included for you to watch!

There are a total of 17 documentaries within this article! If you dedicate the time to watch each documentary your life will change, you will embark on a journey in which it is probably safe to say you will never be the same again…


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About the author: The world is in a state of needless pain, this pain exists in us all. It is manifest through almost all we consider to be normal or part of everyday life. One aspiration would be to help others with this pain, however first before we can help anyone we must help and understand our own internal existence. From embarking on this process a natural direction is to help provide and contribute to a platform, organisation or movement that operates from a new paradigm. A paradigm that respects and supports all, not just the few.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to compile all 17 documentaries in one place and making them accessible to the masses. I know people often avoid looking deeply at the actions humans make on a day to day basis. I know some people say why do I want to see what’s wrong in the world, as they just want to do good. I also here others say where focus goes energy flows and that focus creates reality so why do I want to look at the dysfunction and pain which humans are creating.

    I understand their instant reaction but having watched all these 17 documentaries and even more over the past 5 years I am very thankful that I did because they not only shifted my perception they gave me wisdom and insight into the effects our day to day actions have on the whole globe. They have also assisted me in making decisions that not only have benefited my own life but also have had a huge impact on the lives of others.

    Without true awareness and true consideration for yourself and the planet there really will be no new structures and systems arising from a more sustainable mindful perspective if we first do not observe what is happening right in front of us. Documentaries allow us to see what we may have not been aware of. Like you said, it’s also not to take everything for fact and truth. It’s more about having an open mind and exploring deeper if you so wish.

    How can you be totally clear without asking the questions for yourself and being open to observe all areas of humanity without judgement?

    It’s all good being love and positivity but if the foundations of your actions are influenced by negativity and fear, then how loving and positive are you? How much of an impact are you really having? How influenced by others thoughts and ideas are you? What do you really know? Are your choices influenced by the ripple effect of others actions? If you knew you were eating or drinking disease would you continue? If you knew that you were putting poisons into your body, would you continue?

    Conscious awareness and transparency are the only ways out of the insanity we have found ourselves in.

    So thank you again for bringing these topics into light. A true visionary sees light in the dark.

  • Yes Yes 2013 and still the WAKE UP PACK lives on
    I’m sending this out every week when it comes to mind, thank you for your time and energy in putting this together and updating it and checking to make sure links are always live.

    I would like to see it grow to 20 as I feel there are a couple of recent ones in 2013 which warrant making the WAKE UP PACK

    I AM being one of them
    Dhamma Brothers another
    THRIVE was a good one.
    Garbage Warriors

    Of course there are many more as always xxxxxxxx

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