Shattering Realities

Human beings do not seem to like change. It does not matter if the change is in the form of thoughts, values or more physical manifestations such as diet. We seem to make it all difficult.

Why do we make change so difficult?
Why do we act so adversely to even the idea of change?

We are all conditioned by things like our upbringing, past experiences and the society in which we live (Social Conditioning). We then in turn create our reality based on these conditions. If we begin the journey of individual personal reflection we start to question our values, beliefs and ultimately our reality. In doing so we also start to break down the illusion and the egoistic persona we call the-self.

When this happens we change, others see this and in doing so (whether meaning to or not) we affect them. We begin to evoke curiosity, feelings and questions. They then begin on some level to question the very fabric that also binds their comfortable reality. Fear of change and the unknown then creep in and we are often confronted by resistance.

To help the mind envisage what is happening and why we get so much resistance imagine reality is symbolic of a car window screen. Every time we begin to dissolve part of our conditioned reality it is like a stone hits the screen with such velocity it leaves a small chip. When a car window screen gets chipped often we leave it, unless it affects our field of vision. If it does then we get it repaired, it is still the same window screen but a small part of it is now new. We carry on with our lives often as if nothing has happened until the time comes for another reality shifting stone to hit our window screen. Again it becomes chipped and like before we repair. Often we attempt to repeat this process again and again hoping to avoid another stone or the pain of replacing the entire screen. However, eventually another does appear but this time it’s not a stone, it is a rock, a total screen annihilating entity that causes much destruction. Our screen can no longer be repaired and what we were trying to avoid became a reality.

Only one thing is certain when we enter the realm of avoidance. This certainty is an inevitability we will face what we are avoiding.

We are all aware a window screen can only be repaired so many times before it is replaced. Even if you never experience a shattering rock the universe would eventually present enough chips in exactly the right place, thus ensuring the screen becomes new. It maybe the long, painful route but do not underestimate human beings resistance to change. Each chip can be painful but a shattering of a reality is far too painful to contemplate within the conditioned mind and so we get the resistance. We hold on and repair the reality that no longer serves us.

The irony is perhaps it does not have to be a painful experience. It seems only the initial breaking down of conditioning is difficult or painful. In truth it is actually a wonderful, painless process if we embrace it. It is a process we can indeed come to appreciate and enjoy, for every chip brings pastures of new discovery. Until one day we replace the entire screen with one that cannot be chipped or smashed, because our conditioned reality no longer exists. All it once created and held value has been dissolved and we are now free.

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The world is in a state of needless pain, this pain exists in us all. It is manifest through almost all we consider to be normal or part of everyday life. One aspiration would be to help others with this pain, however first before we can help anyone we must help and understand our own internal existence. From embarking on this process a natural direction is to help provide and contribute to a platform, organisation or movement that operates from a new paradigm. A paradigm that respects and supports all, not just the few.

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  • jazz Jan 31, 2012, 12:31 am

    Great post, its exactly what has been happening to me. Your chips are my triggers.

    “Their are triggers in life, certain scenario’s that have meaning beyond words. These for me have been guides’, indicator’s of me repeating patterns that are not serving my growth. Sometimes things happen that trigger your awareness so you can see the pattern & change it. For some this can create fear & hence they continue the pattern, unfortunately at times some people get “trapped” in this cycle preferring comfort rather than change. Stagnation occurs & their growth, their potential becomes limited to the environment they have chosen to “settle” in.”
    Thought provoking & aligned with whats been evolving personally for me. Thanks for the added clarity.


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