2012 – Are you in fear?

There is much fear and speculation regarding 2012, people speak of prophecy, planetary alignment, cycles, extinction, change and that only touches the surface. You can easily get lost in the mass of chatter and opinion. If you delve within, what do you find? What speaks, what do you feel? This process may be foreign at first, for we are so utterly used to validating from external perception.

The stillness within holds a wisdom, a knowledge of trust that resides in not knowing. The mind tries to battle this process for it sees a paradox, failing to grasp the only thing certain is uncertainty. Life will go on, life is exploration, it is natural, and it is part of the creative process.

So what is there to fear?

Many say it is a great time to be alive, a time of great shift and change. It is always a great time to be alive, is it not? Life is a celebration irrespective of what manifests in what we currently perceive as reality. Lost children with amnesia, to remember must we let go of what we think we need and value?

This means change, we resist change, why? Do you embrace change? What do you value? Do your actions hold the energy and purity that comes from the clarity of not knowing? Do you trust you are enough?

So many questions, take time with this, answers to these questions all relate to the “Story” of 2012. We are part of nature and we are humanity, these things are not abstract concepts, current paradigms want to create the idea of separation. The flow of life includes humanity, to remember this is to realign with what we are.

Have you ever taken the time to ask what fear is? What lies at the core of its vibration? If Humanity was really willing to transparently explore this question how would our lives be different? How would our world change?

These questions are what we are now facing, nature cannot continue to fall victim to our forgetfulness. Therefore we are being made to remember, we ultimately choose how we embark on this journey. We can choose to resist, or we can choose to stop the denial and flow with what we know to be true.

About the author: The world is in a state of needless pain, this pain exists in us all. It is manifest through almost all we consider to be normal or part of everyday life. One aspiration would be to help others with this pain, however first before we can help anyone we must help and understand our own internal existence. From embarking on this process a natural direction is to help provide and contribute to a platform, organisation or movement that operates from a new paradigm. A paradigm that respects and supports all, not just the few.

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  • A GREAT powerful post and as always taking me deeper within the question of reality. Nobody questions fear because of their fear of fear. It really is time to look closer at what is driving the force of our society and humanity at whole. It’s clear when you look closer the mass confusion and mass fear is dominating our existence.

    This planet would look a whole lot different if people let go of this, shifted their perception and walked a new path. Systems would fall; society would evolve into a whole new shape. This has begun. I am not sure our limited perception can imagine this completely as it hasn’t occurred before, we are in the process of creating it. It’s the unknown manifesting into form.

    I live in the knowing this is unfolding and although we may not get to live it completely in our lifetime (I am 34) but I live and act with the next 1000 years in mind and how this experience seems infinite (a concept our minds cannot grasp) and if so, I like to feel that my actions and choices are part of a new painting, a painting of love, truth, transparency, collaboration, unity. Not separation, anger, fighting, pain and suffering…………I am also mindful that all is happening as it should and resistance does not serve the transition so I observe but do not put too much focus on what isn’t working. Show up and choose to walk the talk, live now and trust I am breaking my conditioning……………..(I could however be delusional and conditioned even thinking as thinking itself entraps us) Where we focus becomes larger (not lager) …….So many new ideas, concepts, theories and speculation as to what this whole experience is……..I still don’t know and the more I observe our funny species I am not sure anybody else does either.
    What I do see though is humans are all trying to work it out, some get close, some not far and others don’t bother taking the path.

    Thank you as always
    Exploring transparently

    • LRS

      Thank you for this comment, your words add immense substance to the post… My Brother, currently my most frequent commenter. I look forward to discussing these things in more depth and I also look forward to transparently sharing our exploration as we walk this path.

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