Why do we lie to our children?

The Second episode of Transparently Questioning which asks why we lie to our children, especially around the time of Christmas. This video was actually filmed on Christmas Day in 2011, which is over one year after the first episode! Much more coming in 2012…

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About the author: The world is in a state of needless pain, this pain exists in us all. It is manifest through almost all we consider to be normal or part of everyday life. One aspiration would be to help others with this pain, however first before we can help anyone we must help and understand our own internal existence. From embarking on this process a natural direction is to help provide and contribute to a platform, organisation or movement that operates from a new paradigm. A paradigm that respects and supports all, not just the few.

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  • A very interesting look at Christmas and the lies around this season! What I realised from this is that everything is a lie in our current humanity. That’s not coming from a negative space, just from an observation that many stories and information we live, most beliefs, concepts, ideals, dogma and theories stem from a foundation of not knowing the whole truth so I would go as far to say every living being lies, upholds lies and continues to lie without even realising it.

    The media only give us part of the story, any research we may do only shows us part of the story. Maybe we always live only knowing part of what is happening. To know everything is not possible of course so if you do not know everything how can you suggest you know something completely, absolutely? How can you say anything is truth in this existence when we really don’t know half the truth of anything?

    The Father Christmas story and every other story that tells lies is just the micro for me of the macro of our current reality. Is there anybody out there who can hand on heart say they don’t lie?

    You have to lie just to survive in this day and age! The idea of competition creates lies. Consumerism is all a load of lies…I have to tell you my product is better than yours or has more functions and will serve you better just to beat the competition….Most of the time is a lie. Food companies lie through advertising…all of advertising is based on lies….Famous people say they wear watches and shop at places so you go and do the same. If you meet these people and were telling the truth they would say they do not wear the clothes, or the perfume or the watches or any other product or if they do its only because now the company gives it them for free. It’s all bullshit sorry Rubbish.

    The sooner people step up transparently and say yes it’s all a lie and unfortunately I have to believe my lie and uphold my lie as truth because If I don’t I may not survive and my fear of not surviving is stronger than my worry (fear) about not lying….. Oh it gets better though because deep down I do believe in this product….Rubbish. Lying is part of the foundation of society, lies in government, lies in relationships, lies in War, lies about the oil, lies about the environment, lies about the monetary system, lies about killing, all criminals lie in fact lying makes you a criminal so in fact everybody is a criminal too.

    This is fun, what a great video to make us look deeper into the lie not the story of Father Christmas but the story of the lie. So I will leave whoever’s reading this. Why do you lie? And can you see the lies and how do they serve us a species?
    As I said at the beginning, this is not negative, this is transparent awareness, until you own up the lying and bring it into awareness, it shall never change just more lies will emerge amongst more lies.
    Is there one truth? Is there one love? Is there one Lie? Maybe even the truth we seek is a lie.
    Ever exploring – “Simon on the Sofa – The Man who knows nothing”

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