Do you have a right to your opinion?

This is not an easy question to ask. On the surface many of us would firmly reinforce the right to have an opinion and equally the right to express it.

In the West we live in what is deemed as a pillar of example for democracy and free speech. It is therefore very common to hear people proclaim they have a right to their opinion.

I question this; I question our right to have an opinion. It has been my experience on a number of occasions that I have defended and expressed an opinion, only to find upon further enquiry that it has no validity. This is not an easy thing to face; it sends you to further depths of exploring the world in which you think you live.

I do hope you are with me in this line of questioning, no matter how difficult it may feel. It may emerge feelings of anger or frustration, but the journey is worth it.

What is it to truly have an opinion?
What is the opinion being expressed founded on?

To truly have an opinion takes an immense responsibility, a responsibility to understand what you are speaking, to question the thought process, to be open to the possibility of being incorrect. Above all else it is the grace to know, to deeply understand the intention that lies behind the expression of your thought process.

When we come from a place of responsibility in what we speak and express, it has the ability to change the way we communicate. It changes how we look at things, it changes the way we operate in our daily lives. When you take this responsibility on, rather than mindlessly speak, you look into the subject intensely. To truly understand what is driving this impulse to express is an aspect of freedom, the freedom to explore as an individual.

Often the expression of opinion in our society is a mere act of mimicry. Few understand the responsibility it takes to truly have an opinion, to truly understand the impact and vibration it has in forming our reality.

Are you any different?
Do you have a right to your opinion?

About the author: LRS Hello, I am a self-proclaimed Misfit. Let’s enjoy this exploration together. You are not alone in exploring new energy.

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  • Kitty.. Mar 17, 2014 @ 23:43

    hi there! thankyou for this, ive been roaming around and thinking to myself..why have opinions if it hurt others? i personally think that people have a right to opinions as long as they keep it ‘opinions’ as in, no discrimination or hate…i like Daniela’s reply because i really wish that world would exist. the world where no one is blocked by the views of such belief system(s). Live life the way YOU think is right and not the way someone told you to. thankyou for this fine article, yours truly, Kitty.

  • Daniela Dec 17, 2011 @ 23:54

    Hi Lloyd, thanks for your thought provoking post! I have been asking myself a similar question ever since last week about beliefs (which I feel opinions stem from beliefs) and whether we should even have any beliefs and what would it be like if we just live life directly and just have experiences rather than experience life through the eyes of one or many belief system (s). This way no oneĀ“s view of the world is better or worst, it’s all just a collection of experiences without any meaning (unless we give it a meaning). Thanks for inspiring me! xox

  • Simon on the Sofa Dec 16, 2011 @ 23:39

    Yet another simple yet profound post which has given me the opportunity to use powerful questions to gain insight and alignment along my own journey. Thank you

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