Kony 2012 – Convenient Truth on a Foundation of Lies

Before you react, make a commitment to keep an open mind. If you cannot keep an open mind then you need not read another word.

This is not an easy article to write because the issue at hand is far greater and deeper than a small article can do justice. It would be quite easy to write a whole book on this subject, however we will attempt to explore the deeper issues at hand, we will at the very least raise questions to enable individual exploration of truth.

It is absolutely vital you understand the complexity of the issue, while some may argue the truth remains rather simple, the fact remains you have to delve through layers of deception and confusion to reach any truth in today’s world.


The above sentence sums up much of the world’s affairs, regardless of the form. Make special note that it is not being said men, women and children are not going missing, being raped or killed. Likewise there is no naivety as to the sheer suffering and injustice currently taking place in our world. However if we truly want change we have to get to the core of the issue, we have to look at why these things are happening. Kony 2012 (not Koni) just happens to be the latest trendy social issue, it will fade, another will rise and the cycle will continue. Even if Kony is arrested the root cause as to why such an individual exists is not being addressed, therefore another will take his place. This is negating the fact that many claim Kony may not even be alive, there are also so many holes in the story you can quite easily be left in confusion as to what is true. There is no denying the poignant question likely on most of our lips: Why would anyone lie about such a thing? Likewise it is not uncommon to hear “I can’t believe the world is this corrupt and unjust” After all it goes against all you believe and thought to be true in the western world, democracy, truth and justice…

The truth will set you free but first of all it will piss you off…

To come to terms with the reality of the world you live in can be an immensely painful process, it’s not clear cut, neither is it a crisp black and white picture for you to decode and understand. We live in a world where lies are indeed told by individuals who not only believe the lies; they dedicate their lives to them. Perhaps worst of all they are completely unaware of the reality and truth which has been concealed from their field of awareness.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts. From William Shakespeare’s As You Like It


We have a new world power and it’s in the form of social media. Social media can be a great tool and like any tool the focus needs to be on the hand that wields it. Social media can be a great catalyst for positive change, equally it can be a carrier for the contagion of propaganda and sinister agenda. Therefore we have an immense responsibility because this tool is here to stay and it will play a part in the future of mankind.

If we acknowledge this power and responsibility, perhaps we should take time to research and truly understand an issue before we share it and stand for it?

Is it not reasonable to assume watching a documentary of 30 minutes is not sufficient to understand the issue at hand? If the statistic to this question actually existed it’s almost certain we would be in for a surprise, because most of the individuals sharing this documentary via social media likely have no understanding of the issue beyond the information they have been presented with. In a world of media and technology it has become far too easy to emote the human being into sharing, donating and becoming opinionated about something they have little understanding of. Our emotions get played and manipulated to further agendas that go far beyond our daily existence. If you dare speak of such things then be prepared to be ridiculed and judged as a conspiracy theorist.

Are we really so unwilling to acknowledge that there is an immense difference between questioning authority and world power than mindlessly perpetuating conspiracy theories on the internet?

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored


When you are unable to question authority you are imprisoned by ideas and beliefs that are not your own, truth has no place in this existence because authority is the only truth you need. If we are willing to transparently question these issues then let’s look at the core organisations and individuals involved, let’s look at their agenda by ascertaining their potential gains or losses . In other words “let’s look at the bigger picture”.

If you want something you can ask for it, or you can manipulate circumstance to give it to you without uttering a word.


To help us understand the reasons for campaigns that play on our compassion we need to look at the world in which we live and attempt to grasp some of its many facets:

  • Do you know how the Monetary system operates?
    Money is something we work for and use every day. Many live and die for the commodity that is money, yet how many of us even know any true facts about the monetary system?
  • What is the United Nations (UN)?
    What do they stand for and more importantly what is the history of their actions.
  • What is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and who belongs to it?
    Again, what do they stand for and more importantly what is the history of their actions.
  • Do you understand the function of the World Bank?
    What do they do and how do they influence the world?
  • What is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) used for?

Lets be direct here, if any human being on the planet today proclaims to be passionate about charity and the responsibility we have to help others then they should at least be willing to take the time to understand the answers to these questions, above all else they should be willing to question these organisations and observe their acts to ascertain how they serve humanity. To simply read their charters and visit their website is not enough to understand or get the answers we seek.

Do you honestly know how they serve in creating a better world?

To not know something is not ignorance, to assume you know, is.


Often a thought we can be left with is to proclaim the above, similar to this we often say “at least I am doing something”. Understand it is not being suggested no action be taken, but if our goal is to create real change and equality for all then something more is needed than to merely acquiesce to the situations or options that are immediately presented. Let’s get used to looking at this bigger picture and forge a world we can all be proud of, will it be easy? Likely not! But it will be worth it even if we never get to see the fruits of our labour. Future generations will thank us for taking the courage to stand for the change and reform that serves all.

It is a sign of a broken system when you need to construct a charity organisation to create change but you need to spend 63% of the funds raised on expenses. While this is indeed a fact of the society in which we live, it remains fact that this is not good enough if we really want to stop war, famine and genocide which are currently still in existence today.

Kony Expenses

Kony 63% on Expenses


What you have just read asks all of humanity to question structures and organisations in society, to ask what change we really want and how do we start to achieve it. Are we doing well enough and are we doing what we need? It asks us to understand our responsibility in disseminating media and to understand something as rumour or hearsay until we confirm it to be truth. This does not discredit any particular movement or organisation but rather asks you to observe their actions separate from their words.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.


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  • Nick Eldridge Mar 19, 2012, 7:49 pm

    That is an absolute truth. The problem is exactly that! That we try to solve things by directly taking action against the result rather than the cause. As I said when I first shared the link, as much as this is a good cause to highlight a problem, what of all the others? It’s almost as if we are trying to stop water going through a sieve by putting our finger over one hole.

    The change we need is a change in thought, in action and in what we believe we need. Until we sort out the beast of materialism we will have a long time ahead of solving one issue and then having to solve the exact same issue somewhere else.

    We must all start to live with true compassion and acceptance in our hearts. To share and be equal. Until then, sadly, all we can do is continue to spread love through our own actions and believe that we can start to make a difference to our own lives and those around us.

    Big Love To All XX

  • Jazz Mar 19, 2012, 7:45 pm

    as always insightful & looking it from the space of social media there lies a definite new world order. Its how we use it that’s going to count every step of the way. For years I have always said that charities have a lot to answer for, how much actually gets to the in need. Some of the victims of the Boxing day Tsunami still have no homes. Why ? …… Where did all those given billion’s go ?

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